Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe at Sault Accessible Sports Inc. sporting activities. With this right comes the responsibility to respect all people involved in the sporting activities and to take pride in making sporting activities a positive place.


All Sault Ste. Marie Sault Accessible Sports Inc participants are encouraged to:

1.    Demonstrate the values of honesty, caring, respect, responsibility and social inclusion;

2.    Respect and comply with all Sault Accessible Sports Inc policies and procedures;

3.    Respect differences in people, their ideas, and opinions;

4.    Show proper care and regard for the natural world, camp property and the property of others;

5.    Not inflict or encourage others to inflict bodily harm on others;

6.    Take appropriate measures to help those in need and, if necessary, seek staff assistance to resolve conflict peacefully;

7.    Respect persons who are in a position of leadership;

8.    Respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws.