When a participant does not follow the standards of behaviour guidelines Sault Accessible Sports Inc will take the following steps:

1.  Sporting activity facilitator directs the participant to more appropriate behaviour.

2.  The participant is reminded of the behaviour guidelines and rules and a discussion takes place.

3.  If the behaviour persists, the problem will be documented by the facilitator of sporting activity and submit to Board of Directors.

4.  A progress check is conducted after three sessions.

5.  If the problem still persists, a discussion for a solution that best suits the needs of everyone.

6.  If a participantís behaviour at any time threatens the immediate health or safety of anyone, the participant will be asked t leave activity immediately.

7.  If the problem persists and a participant continues to disrupt the program, the Sault Accessible Sports Inc. reserves the right to suspend the participant from the program.



I have read and agree to the Standards of Behaviour and the Behaviour Guidelines and will follow these guidelines when participating in sporting activities sponsored by Sault Accessible Sports Inc.