SkiAbility Algoma is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for persons with various disabilities to try the sport of adapted waterskiing in a safe and fun environment. Our club operates at Diamond Lake Boat Launch and at Bell’s Point  on the outskirts of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We have trained volunteers and instructors to assist our participants in setting personal goals and building confidence and skill in the sport of adapted waterskiing.

What is adapted waterskiing?

SkiAbility Algoma is an initiative of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada and is independently managed. We operate under the SkiAbility Canada umbrella program and follow their well designed program guidelines

Adapted waterskiing focuses on the ability of the participant and not the person’s disability. The sport is adapted to fit the ability of the participant by use of a variety of equipment, as well as various skiing techniques.

Please go to our website for further information.  SkiAbility Algoma